A European toy company made a Green Fox Doll, with a design suspiciously similar to Sega’s Tails the fox character in the early 2000’s. The products had to be recalled when several people began to fall ill after purchasing the Green Fox.

PARADISM0 (2020)

After the apocalypse, Mary wash onto a beach. She meets Jester, an Angel, who asks for her help to save humanity.

I worked on this animated short film throughout most of 2020, and independently released it onto a USB flash drive.

Chao Garden of Eden (2020)

Kaleidoscopic tales of videogame characters confined to their virtual worlds.
Light Garden: A young, aspiring actress has an intimate audition with a scuzzy Hollywood director.
Dark Garden: After a genetic experiment goes wrong, an addicted teen tries to pick up more drugs at the mall.

Soundtrack is taken from various live shows of the group “Mirrors Sounds Directors” with further mixing done by myself.