A letter to you, standing in the Coffee Shop.

Hello! I hope you enjoy my art while sipping on your delicious beverage. This is my website! It’s a weird little place filled with scary secrets (that’s a WARNING), check some stuff out while you’re here!

If you enjoy my art, my books are on sale at RCC, next to the records! They are $10 and you can venmo me here, or give exact cash to the barista. If you wish to purchase an art print, feel free to DM me on instagram!


Health Class Amputee

Some sort of distorted school. It looks like the room you had health class in, and now she won’t let you out. school boy dream of a school girl crush. It’s after health class, and its only you and her in the room. It’s only you and her in the school. “Why are you here so late?” Like a lustful dream… She does not look like you remember. Where are her limbs? Her face is cracking more and more, as she reels in, she wants to have your kiss.

PARADISM0 (2020)

After the apocalypse, Mary wash onto a beach. She meets Jester, an Angel, who asks for her help to save humanity.

I worked on this animated short film throughout most of 2020, and independently released it onto a USB flash drive.

Chao Garden of Eden (2020)

Kaleidoscopic tales of videogame characters confined to their virtual worlds.
Light Garden: A young, aspiring actress has an intimate audition with a scuzzy Hollywood director.
Dark Garden: After a genetic experiment goes wrong, an addicted teen tries to pick up more drugs at the mall.

Soundtrack is taken from various live shows of the group “Mirrors Sounds Directors” with further mixing done by myself.